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Attack of the autumn leaves – Avoiding blocked drains

A build-up of fallen leaves can clog up your drains, affecting their ability to carry water away from your property. Whilst a small obstruction could cause slow drainage and frustration, a larger blockage could result in the back-up of water and flooding. Long-term, blocked drains...

Data breach: are you prepared?

All businesses, regardless of size, are susceptible to a data breach. Here are some precautions your business can take to avoid one....

Tradesmen – Defend yourselves against scammers

Tradesmen should be vigilant, especially when self-employed, one wrong click of an email or letting your financial information fall into the wrong hands can leave you vulnerable to cyber-crime. Here are some tips to try and protect yourself from cyber-attacks....

How much would it cost to rebuild your property?

Arranging buildings insurance is based not just on your property’s ‘market value’ but also its ‘rebuild costs’. Whether you own a Residential or Commercial property, it’s important to get the calculations right. Here are some top tips for getting your rebuild value sums correct....

What is Management Liability?

Guy Penn are here to explain a little more about Management Liability Insurance, so you can decide whether or not you can be without it....